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My name is Stanley Howard. I know I have the nerdiest name a mother can give a little, breast-fed child, but it's the name I have. I guess destiny had my plans pre-determined. You were made to be a writer. You shall bear a writer's name. From this day forward, you shall be dubbed "Stanley". Honestly, I was named after my Jewish grandfather. My mother felt it was important to carry on his name. So why am I here? There is one reason and one reason only...Az. Cardinals Football! And the season is still so young. Count on seeing me around, at least, for the remainder of the year. Oh, what a year this will be!

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Cardinals Report: Week 13 posted on 11/26/2008
Arizona Cardinals Prepare For Philadelphia Eagles
Kurt Warner Is Possible MVP Candidate Of The Year

    The Az. Cardinals are 7-4...WOW!!! I have supported this team through thick and thin (mostly thin) since the Cardinals in 1988, decided to call Arizona their home. I have spent the last twenty, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes very embarrassing  years, rooting for this highly-let's call it-unorthodox organization. The Cards are 7-4. To actually get a chance to witness this historical event is better then exciting. Better then monumental. Better then chocolate ice cream on a summer afternoon after you just had a quickie from the girl next door. O.K. -let's not get carried away. To be able to see what the Card's are doing this year is awesome. It's incredible and fun-to-watch football. It is...WOW!!! 

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Cardinal Report: Week No.7 posted on 10/19/2008
Good "Bye" Cardinals
Red Birds Take The Week Off

    Six games have been played and the Arizona Cardinals (4-2) stand two games ahead of the rest of their division. The first half of the season is just two short, weeks away. The Cardinals haven't looked this good in 20 years. The Red Birds take this week off, licking their wounds, enjoying the wonderful, Arizona sunshine, and celebrating as a winning team. A team who appears to have what it takes to make it, at least, one game into the play-offs. The Az. Cardinals are 4-2...Wow!!

     Of course, let's not get carried away. The Cardinals still have a lot of work to do. They must prepare for next week when they are on the road and battling the very tough Carolina Panthers.

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Cardinals Report: Week 5 posted on 10/05/2008
Arizona Cardinals Playing Conservative Football
Can They Defeat the 4-0 Buffalo Bills?

    Three weeks ago, the Arizona Cardinals were sitting atop the NFC West Division with 2 wins and no losses. A terrific start for the season and a position the Cards haven't been in for a long time. Things were good, Coach Whisenhunt was looking like a hero (perhaps even Coach of the Year), and the Cards were gaining national attention. So much has happened in the following 2 weeks, the Cardinals, after losing to the Washington Redskins (24-17) and then to the New York Jets (56-35), have gone and dug themselves a rather big hole. Ironically, at 2-2, the Cardinals are still number one in their division, but the season is still early. Today will be the biggest test, yet, as the Arizona Cardinals go up against  the 4-0, Buffalo Bills.

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Cardinal Report: Week No. 3 posted on 09/19/2008
 Cardinals Ready To Face Redskins
 Can The Cards Win Three In A Row?

    The tension mounts as eager Cardinals fans await Sunday's big game against the Washington Redskins. The Arizona Cardinals have won their first two games of the season and sit atop the NL West Division at 2-0. The Redskins are 1-1. Sunday's game will be played in Washington DC, which is the home of the Redskins. On paper, the Arizona Cardinals appear to have the advantage and should walk away from the nation's Capitol with a victory. But, as history shows (2-6 last year), the Cards do not fair very well on the road. Knowing how the Cardinals perform through past experiences, to win their first 3 games in a row, do the Cardinals even have a chance in Hades?

    Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kurt Warner has just received the "Player of the Week" award for his outstanding performance, last Sunday, against the Miami Dolphins.  Warner threw for 361 yards with 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. He finished the game with a perfect, 158.3 quarterback rating.

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Az. Cardinals Defeat Miami Dolphins 31-10 posted on 09/16/2008
                                                                    Arizona Cardinals Lead NFC Division
                                                       Kurt Warner Perfect QB Rating

    Sunday, September 14th, the Arizona Cardinals crush the Miami Dolphins (31-10), in front of a sold-out crowd at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cards have won their last two games and sit atop the NFC Division with 2 wins and no losses. Along with this victory, the Cardinals have their best start since 1991. Wait a minute...this is the Az. Cardinals we're talking about, right?

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